Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Final Orodara Activities and Assorted Goodbyes

 I can't believe I haven't written anything since February. I would like to pretend that's because I have been super busy but really I had nothing to write about. However, now I do! The assorted picture that follow are all me centric, which is a rarity. Let us blame it on the people I was hanging out with.

The last week of September, the great city of Orodara hosted a science camp run by other volunteers from the region. I had the fun job of hotel and gofer. A combination that I ended up enjoying. This photo is of me right before running out to buy everything on that list in my hands. I'm wearing my only pair of pagne pants, which seems wrong (that I only have one pair after 3 years).

 This next photo is of all the volunteer participants in the Science camp of Orodara. We're holding up the camp director and my closes neighbor, Julie.

So the science camp was my last activity in Orodara. Three days later I packed up my stuff and headed to Ouagadougou to start my week of close of service. But before I left I had to take some fun goodbye pictures.

 Here I'm with Backo. We are attempting to make tough guy faces but I think I'm laughing a little. Anyways, he is a jeweler, who makes great stuff.

 This is me with my tailor, Dressa, who is making the typically Burkinabe picture face in turn making me look crazy with happiness.

Last but not least, I finally got a volunteer with small african children photo. Sadly Poppy is making a silly face. Oh well he was always a trouble maker. 

I would say that concludes the blog of Shannon in Africa but I have a Close of Service party Friday morning, so if I remember my camera, I'll get some shots with office staff.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Photos from Orodara

Greetings from Orodara, long time no blogging. I can blame that on my 45 day home leave but really it's just me being lazy and uninspired to write anything. So I went through all my photos from Orodara and pulled out a couple to show off a few things. I took all these in November of last year, so right now things are a little more brown and dustier.

This first photo is a direct look out my courtyard door. You can see to houses. The one of the left is a really nice family and the one on the right is under construction, so lots of banging noises and workmen hanging around.

This photo is of the path going by my house. The yellow wall on the left is my wall. The tree over hanging is is a huge mango tree, that just starting making mangoes. 

This photo is of the small shop near my house where I get my eggs, bread, occasional soda and other random needs. 

 This is a sign right at the entrance of the hospital where I work. It shows all the different buildings that make up the hospital grounds.

This is a photo of the building where I work. The woman in blue is giving a presentation on nutrition to all the mothers sitting there with their babies.

This is another photo of the building where I work. The yellow doors lead to the room where all the mothers stay. It's sort of like a dormitory setting.

 Last but not least is a photo of some neighborhood kids climbing the papaya tree next to my house. There is one up at the top of the tree. They get up there so fast it's super entertaining to watch.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tour de Orodara sans les photos

Greetings from Orodara!!!

I have been meaning to put up other blog all about the loveliness of Orodara and my life here but haven’t had ample time to think of what to say. But now I have so here goes.

On the last blog I gave a picture tour of my house and that is about it for information on Orodara, so this time I thought I run through what is awesome about Orodara and what I have been doing for my third year so far.

Right near my house is a boutique (tiny store) that has bread, eggs, somewhat cold sodas, and many other food amenities. It is run by a really nice family, the dad speaks French so that is nice and the mom doesn’t so that is fun for both of us (really! it is fun trying to understand each other, resorting to hand motions and then laughing and shaking our heads when it’s all over)

Also right near that boutique is a kiosk that sells sandwiches in the morning, depending on what’s in season; there is avocado, cucumbers, peas, ground mutton (? Who really know what meat that is) and so on. The pea ones are really good and easy if I don’t feel like making something for breakfast.

As we head down the road towards town there are number of kiosks that I can print documents at for 100 cfa a page (cheap), which is great because I always need to print stuff for my job activities.

A little ways pass that is a group of ladies, who sell fruits and veggies and have avocados when in season (one of two ladies with the magical ability to get them).

After that you’re pretty much “in town”, which houses the following:
-       My site mate, Natalie!
-       The big food store (i.e. He has toilet paper, cookies, cold sodas, flour, and assorted other things)
-    The marche (veggies, pagne, plastic stuff, whatnots)
-       The two official bus company stations that go to Bobo and beyond
-       All the bush taxi that go to Bobo as well and everywhere else around Orodara
-       A wonderful tailor, who has made me a number of things that have worked out really well
-       A bar with really cold beer (almost magically cold beers, if that is possible)
-       Ecobank (money!)

After those sites, if you keep following the one road that is Orodara, you get to the CMA or Centre M├ędicale avec Antenne chirurgical or Medical Center with a surgical antenna. So basically think of a walled complex with lots of different buildings, all of which are different medical services. For example, I work at the pediatric building, which is next to general medicine, the laboratory, and administration.

At pediatrics, there is a head doctor, 2 or 3 other doctors, 3 or so nurse who all rotate. I work with a village mid wife, who oversees the CREN program, which is for malnourished babies and toddlers.

So far I have helped set up morning talks about nutrition and hygiene. The mid wife, Siata, does all the talking based off an information sheet I gave her. Most of the moms only speak Jula (the local language) and not French. I spend my mornings there hanging out with the moms and playing with the babies who aren’t afraid of me (some of them are, pale skin and all).

And that is a brief Orodara tour and work over view. I hope you have enjoyed the info. As a side note, or big note, I’ll be in the states December 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly 17 days until I’m in Pittsburgh at the airport!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Update from the BF

Greetings from the BF. It has been a few months since I have posted anything and quite a few changes have occured. I have started my third year as a health volunteer in Orodara, which is west of Bobo. The following photos are related to that:

This photo is of all the things I took from Legmoin (my home for the last two years) to Orodara (my home for the next year). At the time I thought it was a lot but have now decided that I did a good job not packing everything I had.

I arrived in Orodara on a lovely Monday afternoon and got down to the business of cleaning the house and organizing all my stuff and ordering furniture and getting my electricity! going and buying household items and kitchen supplies. Needless to say, the first week was busy busy. The following photos are of my house as it is pretty much right now.

This is my kitchen!!!!! Separate room with a sink and neat little shelves that I'll never use because the spiders like them more then I care to kill every single spider that appears almost over night to make webs there.

This is the main bedroom's bathroom. I have yet to test out the water heater but soon cold season will be upon us and fingers crossed it works and I can have a hot shower!!!!

This is spare bedroom # 2 (Yep there are two spare bedrooms!!!)

This is the hall bathroom. Currently the toilet is not working but I working on it.

This is the spare bedroom # 1. Until I get a bigger mosquito net I'm sleeping in my bug hut on a mat and my therma rest.

This is the outside. My lovely covered pouch and huge mango tree. Which is inhibited by millions of mango ants that can be a wee bit aggressive so that will be interesting.

This is the main room or salon. I have it separated into the dinning area (hence the table and chairs) and the sitting area with the tan couch ( really a cot covered in pillows but very comfy)

This is the main bedroom. I'll move in here when I get a big enough mosquito net to fit my double bed.

So those were the pictures of my new house in Orodara. I finally have a normal eating surface that doesn't involve leaning over. This house is amazing!!!! Every room has a ceiling fan in it (not kitchen) which makes the house so cool during the day and down right chilly at night.

Orodara has so much more to offer then Legmoin because it is actually a town and not a tiny village. I can find bread and cold drinks and lots of other fabulous things. I have a site mate (another volunteer living in Orodara) for the next year, which will be a nice change from Legmoin life. My job so far has been going to the hospital and forcing someone who speaks Jula (the local language) to give a talk about the papers I hand them. Mostly nutrition so far but I'll hopefully branch out to hygiene and family planning and HIV/Aids.

At the end of Aug. there was a swearing in ceremony for a new group of volunteers and I was present in a new outfit, which happen to match a good portion of the Peace Corps office staff (bc we all bought the fabric at the same time). So here I am with one of my favorite staff members, the manager of the transit house. And we look great in our matching fabulous blue outfits. (That type of fabric doesn't breath really at all so I was dying of heat but smiling the while time)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Small Tour of Burkina

It has been entirely too long since I posted anything according to my mother and sister, who continue to harass or ask once or twice ; ) about pictures, blog posts, etc. But honestly I can never think of anything worth putting up here. However recently I had a visitor in the form of:


Our tour of Burkina Faso started in Ouagadougou. Where we spent a few nights a a lovely guest house hotel place called Chez Joanna (literally Joanna's Home). Where the photographer, which would be Erin, since we all know I don't take any pictures, took this Sister Pic.

Next up in our trip was the lovely village of Legmoin, my site for the last two years. Where Erin graced the world with many shots of me squatting to do a number of things. First up, that's me washing clothes.

Second lovely shot is me washing dishes. There is a theme to these photos. I do tend to be squatting or leaning over to do many household activities.

The visit to Legmoin was followed by a stop over in Gaoua, my regional capital and the place I spend most of time at when not at site.While there we went out for chicken:

And ate all of it in a matter of minutes!

From there we went to Bobo on this lovely bus, which was one of the nice ones that ravels that route.

Having arrived in Bobo, we did the natural things and went out for lunch and Erin took this amazing photo, where I am only making a slightly strange face.

From Bobo we went to Banfora and visited the waterfalls , hippos and the Domes.We had a driver take us to all the locations so we didn't have to bike or really walk that much. : ) All for laziness

Alone shot on top of one of the domes

Group shots in front of the waterfalls and on top of the domes

 Once we were done visiting all the touristy sites we had to drive back into Banfora because everything is outside of Banfora. However the road was blocked by a truck that had gotten stuck in the mad , so we had to take a different route. Based on the two photos to follow, we were a little scared or crazy depending on who your looking at.

The trip ended with another bus ride into Ouagadougou. Where I put Erin on a plane and she flew back to the good ole USA.

 Bonus photo: Me with all my co-workers at the last school meeting. Some smiling faces, some serious faces, me trying not to laugh. I say a success!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long time no blog

Long time no blog is an under statement!

It's been a long time and I have no good excuses other then I never felt like sitting down and actually writting something out. It's easy for me to put a bunch of pictures up with fabulous captions and count that as a blog but a while back my camera got stolen : ( and then replaced by my lovely mommy : ), so there was a bit of lag time in between where I didn't take any pictures.

However, now that I have a camera again I still haven't taken that many pictures. I going to blame it on hot season and not wanting to look sweaty in every photo but you all know that it's pure laziness on my part. But come on hot season is the worst. I'm lucky if I am active at all from the hours of 10 am - 5 pm.

But anyways, Not much new stuff has been happening lately. I had my Close of Service conference a couple of weeks ago. It helps to ready all the volunteers that are leaving this summer to reintegrate into America and hopefully find a job or get into the college program they want. Since I'm doing a third year, this con. was full of information that I will need but won't use until next year so it was a wee bit boring to me but still great because I got to see all my stage (group 22!!!) and hang out in ac with a pool for three days. Always a great break from village.

Got to go, but promise pictures that next time and a longer read. Later!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ghana for Christmas

These pictures are an assortment of photos from my vacation to Ghana over my Christmas break from school. They are in no particular order because I don't have time for chronological stuff just PICTURES galore!

View from the top of a place we went in Cape Coast called the Money Sanctuary. Run by a awesome Dutch couple.

Me on the Canopy Walkway in Cape Coast. It's a rope walkway through the canopy : ) Very High up and very cool.

This was the first place we stayed at. Hans Cottage Botel in Cape Coast. That is their lagoon type area and dinner area.

Funny enough, we too this photo once we had left Ghana and were back in the BF.

A walkway shot. It really is that skinny and up that high.

Christmas at the Desert Rose included a pig roast. Really delicious. This place is run by a Swedish couple who are so great.

This is the beach at the Desert Rose. Very shelly and with a current you could swim in without to much fear of getting pulled out to sea.

This is Diana and me at Christmas dinner, waiting for the piggy.

This is me and Diana again, we are attempting to take a cute shot and I think it turned out good

This is my traveling group on X-mas morning at the Desert Rose after we did our gift exchange. Left to Right: Jade has on a necklace, Diana as well, Trent a bracelet, and me a rosary.

This is the view from the castle in Cape Coast. Just enjoy it. It was even better in person.

Me in Busua with a beer and a kitten. Pretty good day!

View from Busua

Our cabin in Busau at the Alaska Beach Resort. Pretty adorable. My favorite beach area.

I hope you enjoyed the ramdon mix of vacation photos. It should be mentioned that I too maybe one of these, the rest come from the lovely Jade and Diana. Thanks for a great trip!