Friday, February 8, 2013

Photos from Orodara

Greetings from Orodara, long time no blogging. I can blame that on my 45 day home leave but really it's just me being lazy and uninspired to write anything. So I went through all my photos from Orodara and pulled out a couple to show off a few things. I took all these in November of last year, so right now things are a little more brown and dustier.

This first photo is a direct look out my courtyard door. You can see to houses. The one of the left is a really nice family and the one on the right is under construction, so lots of banging noises and workmen hanging around.

This photo is of the path going by my house. The yellow wall on the left is my wall. The tree over hanging is is a huge mango tree, that just starting making mangoes. 

This photo is of the small shop near my house where I get my eggs, bread, occasional soda and other random needs. 

 This is a sign right at the entrance of the hospital where I work. It shows all the different buildings that make up the hospital grounds.

This is a photo of the building where I work. The woman in blue is giving a presentation on nutrition to all the mothers sitting there with their babies.

This is another photo of the building where I work. The yellow doors lead to the room where all the mothers stay. It's sort of like a dormitory setting.

 Last but not least is a photo of some neighborhood kids climbing the papaya tree next to my house. There is one up at the top of the tree. They get up there so fast it's super entertaining to watch.

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