Monday, September 10, 2012

Update from the BF

Greetings from the BF. It has been a few months since I have posted anything and quite a few changes have occured. I have started my third year as a health volunteer in Orodara, which is west of Bobo. The following photos are related to that:

This photo is of all the things I took from Legmoin (my home for the last two years) to Orodara (my home for the next year). At the time I thought it was a lot but have now decided that I did a good job not packing everything I had.

I arrived in Orodara on a lovely Monday afternoon and got down to the business of cleaning the house and organizing all my stuff and ordering furniture and getting my electricity! going and buying household items and kitchen supplies. Needless to say, the first week was busy busy. The following photos are of my house as it is pretty much right now.

This is my kitchen!!!!! Separate room with a sink and neat little shelves that I'll never use because the spiders like them more then I care to kill every single spider that appears almost over night to make webs there.

This is the main bedroom's bathroom. I have yet to test out the water heater but soon cold season will be upon us and fingers crossed it works and I can have a hot shower!!!!

This is spare bedroom # 2 (Yep there are two spare bedrooms!!!)

This is the hall bathroom. Currently the toilet is not working but I working on it.

This is the spare bedroom # 1. Until I get a bigger mosquito net I'm sleeping in my bug hut on a mat and my therma rest.

This is the outside. My lovely covered pouch and huge mango tree. Which is inhibited by millions of mango ants that can be a wee bit aggressive so that will be interesting.

This is the main room or salon. I have it separated into the dinning area (hence the table and chairs) and the sitting area with the tan couch ( really a cot covered in pillows but very comfy)

This is the main bedroom. I'll move in here when I get a big enough mosquito net to fit my double bed.

So those were the pictures of my new house in Orodara. I finally have a normal eating surface that doesn't involve leaning over. This house is amazing!!!! Every room has a ceiling fan in it (not kitchen) which makes the house so cool during the day and down right chilly at night.

Orodara has so much more to offer then Legmoin because it is actually a town and not a tiny village. I can find bread and cold drinks and lots of other fabulous things. I have a site mate (another volunteer living in Orodara) for the next year, which will be a nice change from Legmoin life. My job so far has been going to the hospital and forcing someone who speaks Jula (the local language) to give a talk about the papers I hand them. Mostly nutrition so far but I'll hopefully branch out to hygiene and family planning and HIV/Aids.

At the end of Aug. there was a swearing in ceremony for a new group of volunteers and I was present in a new outfit, which happen to match a good portion of the Peace Corps office staff (bc we all bought the fabric at the same time). So here I am with one of my favorite staff members, the manager of the transit house. And we look great in our matching fabulous blue outfits. (That type of fabric doesn't breath really at all so I was dying of heat but smiling the while time)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! You're really moving up in the world! Electricity, indoor plumbing, ceiling are you going to know what to do with yourself??