Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Small Tour of Burkina

It has been entirely too long since I posted anything according to my mother and sister, who continue to harass or ask once or twice ; ) about pictures, blog posts, etc. But honestly I can never think of anything worth putting up here. However recently I had a visitor in the form of:


Our tour of Burkina Faso started in Ouagadougou. Where we spent a few nights a a lovely guest house hotel place called Chez Joanna (literally Joanna's Home). Where the photographer, which would be Erin, since we all know I don't take any pictures, took this Sister Pic.

Next up in our trip was the lovely village of Legmoin, my site for the last two years. Where Erin graced the world with many shots of me squatting to do a number of things. First up, that's me washing clothes.

Second lovely shot is me washing dishes. There is a theme to these photos. I do tend to be squatting or leaning over to do many household activities.

The visit to Legmoin was followed by a stop over in Gaoua, my regional capital and the place I spend most of time at when not at site.While there we went out for chicken:

And ate all of it in a matter of minutes!

From there we went to Bobo on this lovely bus, which was one of the nice ones that ravels that route.

Having arrived in Bobo, we did the natural things and went out for lunch and Erin took this amazing photo, where I am only making a slightly strange face.

From Bobo we went to Banfora and visited the waterfalls , hippos and the Domes.We had a driver take us to all the locations so we didn't have to bike or really walk that much. : ) All for laziness

Alone shot on top of one of the domes

Group shots in front of the waterfalls and on top of the domes

 Once we were done visiting all the touristy sites we had to drive back into Banfora because everything is outside of Banfora. However the road was blocked by a truck that had gotten stuck in the mad , so we had to take a different route. Based on the two photos to follow, we were a little scared or crazy depending on who your looking at.

The trip ended with another bus ride into Ouagadougou. Where I put Erin on a plane and she flew back to the good ole USA.

 Bonus photo: Me with all my co-workers at the last school meeting. Some smiling faces, some serious faces, me trying not to laugh. I say a success!

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  1. They're right. You don't fill us in enough. ;) <3